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  1. Error logging in after update

    Hey what email did you send to?
  2. Error logging in after update

    Hey, if you still do not fix the bug that prevents us from logging in or just..... respond. I'm gonna request a refund. Worst support and one of the worst piece of software ever. The only appeal is the lifetime fee. I have read about your stuff years ago and I always thought that you are a respected entrepreneur. But you are just another business owner that doesn't give a f about your clients. Just keep the software for yourself if you can't provide decent support. After so many years you still can't afford a VA? Unbelievable, you completely lost my respect.
  3. Getting Error AS#254 Failed to Parse Username

    Very poor support. Can you at least respond once a day? Also, can you create a 2017 comprehensive guide on how to grow an account? It's much complex to use compared to other software. It seem to me that you create this software to use for your own business and just sell it as a side income and don't give a dang about your clients. I came back after 3 years and bought this latest version only to be disappointed.
  4. Getting Error AS#254 Failed to Parse Username

    The error occurs after the update. Please fix it asap
  5. Getting Error AS#254 Failed to Parse Username

    Hi, I have business account and still get this error..... Any solution?
  6. PinBotAI features and requests

    Second this. I can't believe this software has been around for 5 years and this feature is still not properly implemented...
  7. PinBotAI features and requests

    Hey healzer, can you add the feature to calculate and show conversion rate for each targets like Instazood? This is a very important feature to optimize campaigns to get best result.
  8. PinBotAI features and requests

    Will I get banned if I turn the Like function on? When are you going to remove it?
  9. Hey ilya, quick question. 

    What is the best strategy for pinterest method?

    1) Focus on growing just 1 business account

    2) 1 business account + multiple personal dummy accounts funneling to main business account/website

    3) 1 business account  + multiple non-personal niche accounts funneling to main business account/website

    4) Combination of 2 and 3