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  1. Bug Report #1: Entering Autopilot Start times using the keyboard results in the times not changing. I imagine this is because there isn't a key-down event registering that the times are being changed. When you enter the time manually, then use the up or down arrows, this then seems to fire off an event that updates the time variable. Bug Report #2: In the Autopilot start time boxes, the up arrow doesn't work when you are clicked on the minute section of the time.
  2. Hey Everyone, I figured it out. If you type the time in manually, it doesn't work. What you do is type the time in, then you can use the buttons to move the time. Once you click the up or down buttons and save, then it saves properly.
  3. @ilya Any idea why this might be happening? I copied Pinbot to a new folder, deleted the databases, logged in with an account, and tried to set the time and still had the same problem.
  4. Hey There, I'm very happy to see the new feature where the account will only start during a specific time frame, but anytime I try to save a time it shows as successful. But, when I go back into the account, the times default back to 19:00 and 19:30.
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    This would be ideal, especially when running multiple accounts on the same IP. Having multiple accounts logged in and doing activities simultaneously on the same IP I'm sure is a huge red flag. Would it also be possible to have the option to log out when a schedule is done, then log back in when a schedule is starting? I think that would look pretty natural. Pinterest knows there are people with personal accounts, blog accounts, husbands and kid using the same computer, etc. So logging in and out on the same IP is probably pretty common.