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  1. InstaQ Beta Release

    Just being totally honest with you here. I love what you have done, but a couple of requests that would make this awesome. If we could add posts to repost by instagram Url. I have several accounts / lists that I have scraped and could just import and edit the text Set specific times to repost / post content. Currently it just posts all the items back to back. Could probably change this is I set the Interval timer to something like 3600sec. It would then just post every hour. Is there an Unfollow feature, did I miss this? Eventually if you are following 100 or more a day you are going to hit the upper limit of 7500 and I know I don't want to have to go in and unfollow them all manually. Thanks for creating this and stepping up to the plate when we are all looking for alternatives to the other software that is no longer available.