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  1. My bots pinning each others stuff

    Thanks! Cheers for breaking down how to make them go viral I'll try and do some actual marketing then, rather than spray and pray
  2. My bots pinning each others stuff

    I feel that if my accounts all follow each other and pin stuff from the same boards it may seem suspicious to Pinterest. What is your experience with this? Do you keep all accounts isolated, or use them to kickstart a pin going viral etc.? Thanks
  3. PinBotAI features and requests

    Loving PB4, amazing job so far. I am importing local images into PB I want them to be pinned with a source URL linking to a related blog post Is there a way to add the URL automatically to all? I've had to cut and paste the URL for each one Thanks!
  4. The issue was that on my InstantProxies account I had not authorised the IP of my VPS, only my physical PC... This meant that obviously, my proxies didn't work on my VPS. Such a silly mistake