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  1. wwhry

    PinBotAI features and requests

    Well product is for real. But its a SHIT PRODUCT to be honest. Customer support is miserable because they will listen to what they want to listen. If you ask for some function that can make your life easier. They won't listen. I have eventually stopped using this SHIT Software now. Because its nothing but a waste of time.
  2. Nothing is corrupted, I have checked it twice by downloading fresh copy from your server. I'm still unable to use the mentioned context menu items. Not able to delete a single account or configure it.
  3. @Wiktor Good work man..... Now in menu, the "delete" "configure" "open Main" are not working. That means we can add accounts but we can delete them. Good Going PinBotAi............
  4. wwhry

    PinBotAI features and requests

    At least we got an answer!!! And a NEW USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE!!!! (And by the way....I'm also a developer)
  5. wwhry

    PinBotAI features and requests

    @Dashenfelder SHhhhhhhh!!!!! This is Ghosted forum!!!! Don't make noise!!!!
  6. wwhry

    suggested proxy provider

    You should try http://buyproxies247.com/buy-private-proxies/ they are cheapest in the market and quality/speed is awesome.
  7. wwhry

    Getting #163 Error - What is this ?

    Keep it up boys, keep asking.....once I was used to asking questions like you......... But now I have STOPPED Because they'll never hear you
  8. Just wait for SOMEONE (don't know who that one will be) to take care of this, if YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH!
  9. Somebody has taken over the business but what is going on???? no one knows. Just now received PinbotAi update but what is updated................. NO ONE KNOWS!!!! I thought owners are changing, maybe there customer support will be changed and become more caring/quick/up-to-date as well. Let's see! @ilya
  10. He is leaving forum and we are stuck in the middle!!!
  11. Here comes another update of PinBotAi 4 And nothing is updated in change log thread.........Don't know what is changed now!
  12. Most of the issues are resolved but still you aren't looking into bulk import of accounts settings. And a function to create the keywords same like the board names with single click. Means, I click a button "Get Keywords From Boards" and all the boards names are pasted in the "keywords" box on right side for every board (1 board name = 1 keyword in right side panel) Also, if I want to set same PROMO url for all the boards, I could do it with single click.
  13. wwhry

    PinBotAI features and requests

    @Hehe Friend, when you'll run accounts in bulk (50+) you'll be more freaking out at this bot lol Because, you'll have to do the same actions on all 50 accounts repeatedly for 50 times. I had requested to add a function in pinbot to import the settings from csv for all accounts....but (as you said about the support) they do what they want to do and ignore what they don't want to do! It doesn't matter, how good it will be, for the end user, but they just do what they want to do!
  14. Getting the following error after recent update: Tue Jul 25 13:59:56 EDT 2017 #AEDL: error during login process: P#117 --- exception stacktrace: AI.helpers.Exceptions.MiscAIException: P#117 at AI.scraping.Scraper.processResponse(Scraper.java:186) at AI.scraping.Scraper.run(Scraper.java:100) at domain.pinterest.ScrapeServices.ScrapeBoards(ScrapeServices.java:52) at domain.account.AccountServices.refreshBoards(AccountServices.java:200) at Runnables.AccountDoLoginFull.__run(AccountDoLoginFull.java:46) at Runnables.AbortRunnable.run(AbortRunnable.java:64) at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)