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  1. ahmet a.

    PinBotAI features and requests

    Can we scrape pinners of a board? Will it be available? thanks
  2. ahmet a.

    suggested proxy provider

    I searched for Microleaves proxies in some forums, they do not have a good reputation sir. @ilyaAny other suggestion woulde be appreciated, thanks
  3. Hi, I used some proxies and my accs banned because my proxies ared used before. Could you suggest me a good proxy provider which works well with pinbot AI. Thanks a lot
  4. ahmet a.

    PinBotAI 4.0 Beta release

    Will you add spintax feature for direct message and comments? It would be great
  5. ahmet a.

    PinBotAI 4.0 Beta release

    "clear dublicates in the queue" function does not working