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  1. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update Board scraping fix
  2. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update Account add/edit window - optional username field added (in case of username parse error)
  3. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update Scraping board feed fix
  4. Thank you all for your feedback. The issue is fixed now
  5. Wiktor

    Error # 146 Scrape Error

    Problem is fixed now
  6. Wiktor

    please update pinbotai

    If your issue is not fixed yet - please let me know on skype asap - wiktorpl220
  7. Wiktor


    I hope your issue is solved, if no - please let me know. Skype: wiktorpl220
  8. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update Pin scraping fix
  9. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update & Boards/accounts refresh fix (aka no value)
  10. Wiktor

    PB4 cant refresh borad in

    Fixed now
  11. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update HTML / RSS scraping fix
  12. Add me on skype: wiktorpl220 I'm sure we'll figure it out
  13. Wiktor

    PinBotAI features and requests

    Just released another update. Please check it and let me know if everything is ok now
  14. Wiktor

    PinBotAI changelog

    Update Autopilot & Manual mode: Scraping fix v2 (scraping null error)
  15. It looks like your files are corrupted. Please download new instance of PinBot Thank you, it's always great to hear a feedback. About plans - as I said previously, currently we are focused on bug fixes and adjusting to Pinterest's changes.