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  1. Daily limit

    The PinbotAl alway runs not depend on the daily limit and the stats summary only shows the number Pin we have set, but real pins, repin are a lot. And I saw PinbotAl after 3- 5 minutes check for update. was it normal? http://prntscr.com/fa3g1n http://prntscr.com/fa3gjq (more 5000 commands.)
  2. Daily limit

    Thank you! Now we can not set the random number of pin, repin .... everyday we do a same number of pin, repins.. It looks like unnaturally. I like the way PinBotAl fully automatic the process as before :), so now everyday I need to set the number of pin, repin...and make the Pinbotal run.
  3. Daily limit

    Hi, Ilya I have two questions. 1. PinBotAl now has not the clock, and when I used stat autopilot, it immediately runs. Does It mean that the PinBotAl are working like Pinbot 3? it will run all actions from start to reaching the limit number? So we have no three times a day? 2. How can I work on a specific board? For example today I run a board, tomorrow I will run another board. The problem is, I just added a new board, and I want to work with this board, but the PinBotAl still dose the job with the keywords from old Board. Do I need to delete all keywords from other board when running one board and then paste them again?
  4. PinBotAI 4.0 Beta release

    Can you explain more detail about what is different between "timeout activity", and "Avg.exe. time" by an example. and what values do you recommend for a safe use? I have placed 200 keywords on one board and when I start Pinbot Al. It had loaded about 200 images one time. It means that for one keyword I will take an image for Pin? and How long does Pinbot Al will Pin or Repin these images? Honestly, I did not fully understand how does it work :(. Can you please make it easier for understanding by an example. Thank you
  5. InstaQ: an intelligent Instagram Automation Tool

    Hi, ilya! I have purchased "Instagram Your Way to Success": How to I join to beta team. Thanks