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  1. I am getting below error messages; I am using Linux dist and when I first install instaQ and after that I installed pinbot Tue Nov 21 13:51:51 EST 2017#LS1: Exception [EclipseLink-4002] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 2.5.2.v20140319-9ad6abd): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DatabaseExceptionInternal Exception: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Wrong user name or password [28000-193]Error Code: 28000 When I first installed pinbot and then instaQ then I am getting error in instaQ that time ? Could you please advice
  2. Suggestions for PinBotAI (aka PinBotAI 4.0)

    @ilya I was able to follow users by searching name list I created at follow tab queries in pinbot3 but in pinbot 4 I can only follow boards. I was able to create list of users and follow them by name of list that match.
  3. Suggestions for PinBotAI (aka PinBotAI 4.0)

    Can we see account followers following counts as we can see in pinbot3?
  4. InstaQ Beta Release

    I already purchased the InstaQ, and I collected some features from other bots follow_user_followers follow_user_following follow_users_from_file or list follow_users_by_location like_user_followers like_your_last_media_likers like_medias_by_location like_and_follow_media_likers
  5. follow users followers

    @ilya thank you update solved the problem
  6. follow users followers

    I am trying to follow user followers but getting No more objects can be scraped for query: /kammanasocial/followers/ Can you please advice how to achieve it.
  7. Can PB4 add borad?

    hey @ilya Will there be a keyword generator like pin3 ? Thank you for your efforts.
  8. InstaQ Beta Release

    great value for the product thanks in advance @ilya
  9. InstaQ Beta Release

    follow users, like from geotag can be +1 for the bot @ilya