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    This is a multi season and multi episode series of REM (Reverse Engineering Money). In these series we shall dig deep into money making tactics, strategies and loopholes used by IMers all over the internet. The goal of the series is to learn new ways to build and manage digital businesses. You will learn how other people structure their online empires and how you can do it as well. Instead of lurking around and waiting for a magic money making guide, we shall take measures into our own hands. Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites. --------- Season 1 Episode 01: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e01-know-your-social-media-platform.946680/ Episode 02: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e02-timing-is-key.946918/ Episode 03: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e03-honor-your-work.947368/ Episode 04: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e04-money-from-online-games.947596/ Episode 05: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e05-do-you-even-tumblr.948735/ Episode 06: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e06-earn-20-day-with-little-work.952618/ Episode 07: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reverse-engineering-money-s01e07-how-to-use-reddit-for-traffic-sales-and-seo.953021/ Episode 08: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reverse-engineering-money-s01e08-china-fun.959134/ Episode 09: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reverse-engineering-money-s01e09-making-5-to-50-per-day-from-simple-phone-games.966159/
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    This thread is enumerates all InstaQ features. In the comments below you may post your suggestions and feature requests. Available features: Multi-account support Proxy support Scrape Instagram posts by hashtag (keyword). Scrape Instagram posts of a user by username. Scrape Instagram users by hashtag (keyword). Like posts Re-post Follow users Import images from your computer Keyword generator tool (version 1 :: scrape Google suggestions) Automatically add URL(s) to the description of your (re-)posts. Automatically remove all URL(s) from scraped posts. Process queue manually in safe-mode (respecting daily limit). Process queue manually forcefully (not respecting daily limit). Autopilot mode (respecting daily limit). Scrape user's followers Scrape user's following Different timeouts per action type. Commenting feature Messaging feature Unfollow non-followers Keyword generator tool (version 2 :: scrape hashtags from external source). Select and start multiple accounts at once. Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator). Scrape images from Tumblr (by keyword) Scrape images from RSS scrape images from any HTML website Do not comment & like own posts Multiple queries ; each per feature (upload, like, follow, ...) Advanced autopilot (starting time range) Upcoming features: Queue viewer: indicate #total items, and #items per activity type. Scrape image from Instagram individual URL. Buttons on main for quicker access (toggle on/off) -> no context menu needed. Automatically configure queries for your account based on existing posts/likes. Import accounts from CSV file. Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image. Scrape images from Pinterest (by keyword, username or boardname) Pre-defined list of texts/hashtags to automatiaclly generate descriptions of posts (Spintax format allowed). Scrape users by criteria Scrape pins by criteria Scrape users based on location (location given as query) Scrape uploads based on location (location given as query) Unfollow users (by criteria) Emoji's in comments support Unfollow on autopilot (any) Scrape users who've liked posts ( :: posts were scraped by either hashtag or username) Automatically mention the original poster's username when you re-post. Notify if email and/or phone verification is required. Multi-source, multi-query manual scrape. Easier statistics in account selector screen. Queue image size zoom in/out. Upload videos Repost videos Automatically adjust video reposts to make them unique (similar to MD5 hash of images) Menu actions: changing any comboboxes, try to preserve already selected value. Scrape usernames and/or scrape pins from @username/followers Account stats (real-time) viewer Notify if follow limit reached (~ #163 AR Error) Bio-editor Shuffle/randomize queue
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    Hey, if you still do not fix the bug that prevents us from logging in or just..... respond. I'm gonna request a refund. Worst support and one of the worst piece of software ever. The only appeal is the lifetime fee. I have read about your stuff years ago and I always thought that you are a respected entrepreneur. But you are just another business owner that doesn't give a f about your clients. Just keep the software for yourself if you can't provide decent support. After so many years you still can't afford a VA? Unbelievable, you completely lost my respect.
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    Randomize Pinbot's Functions Hello, I'm currently observing Pinbot's Autopilot mode. I have both like and follow checked, and its not passed daily limit. Right now it is only liking posts. I would think that randomizing the functions would make the program seem more human like. (Humans will both like, follow, and post in randomized increments) I would love to see Pinbot preform it's functions in a random fashion. If this is avaiable already, please let me know Thanks Healzer!
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    Hello Tadej, Right now there is only one timeout interval, which is the same for all types. But we are going to change this soon One account per IP/proxy is the most safest. 200 pins per day?? That's quite a lot! Try doing 200 pins and 200 repins manually, I'm sure you'll get tired very very fast. This is not human behavior at all, so it is no wonder your account(s) got banned. 20-50 pins & repins max is much more realistic for a "normal human being"
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    Such a feature is on our to-do list and will be implemented soon
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    "William702" who's a new member of BlackHatWorld forum just shared a very nice method which he's using to earn $20-$100 per day using Pinterest and group boards. Source: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-no-cost-easy-way-to-earn-startup-cash-20-100-a-day-pinterest-method.939656/ Take this method with a grain of salt, apply your own twist and scale it up! I hope you find this information valuable for your own venture.
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    Thanks for your great reply.
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    Hello, By the way, Please add a new button that can bulk config settings for all accounts. Thank you.
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    Thanks @ilya Suggestion: I think, a feature should be added that, when user repins someone's pin, he should be able to follow that pinner as well. It can bring good impact on user's profile. Because, this way, user can increase his followers by using Follow-for-Follow method.
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    How do I solve this problem?
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    This thread is enumerates all PinBotAI features. In the comments below you may post your suggestions and feature requests. Available features: Multi-account support Proxy support Scrape pins by keyword. Scrape pins from user's feed: /username/pins/ Scrape pins from a board's feed: /username/boardname/pins/ Scrape users by keyword. Scrape users's followers: /username/followers/ Scrape user's following: /username/following/ Scrape a board's followers: /username/boardname/followers/ Scrape an individual pin /pin/pin-id/ Pin images Repin pins Like pins Follow users Follow boards Invite users to become contributes for your board(s) Message users Comment on pins Import images from your computer Keyword generator tool (scrape Google suggestions) Automatically add URL(s) to the description of your pins/repins. Automatically add URL(s) to the source of your pins/repins. Automatically remove all URL(s) from scraped posts. Process queue manually in safe-mode (respecting daily limit). Process queue manually forcefully (not respecting daily limit). Autopilot mode (respecting daily limit). Select and start multiple accounts at once. Import account(s) from PinBot v3.0 Import account(s) from CSV file Scrape images from Tumblr (by keyword) Scrape images from RSS scrape images from any HTML website Unfollow non-followers (manual method) Different timeouts per action type. Auto add source URLs to imported images and externally scraped ones. Advanced autopilot (start times) Queue image size zoom in/out. Manu actions: changing any comboboxes, try to preserve already selected value. Queue viewer: indicate #total items. Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator). Secret boards. Individual queries for every feature Upcoming features: Automatically configure queries for your account based on existing pins and boards. Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image. Scrape users by criteria Scrape pins by criteria Unfollow users (by criteria) Notify if email and/or phone verification is required. Multi-source, multi-query manual scrape. Remove "like" feature when Pinterest disables it permanently. Board creator/editor. Shuffle queue. Duplicates per board for pin & repin (not per feature). Invite to specific boards only. How many pins/repins/users/... in queue Account stats (real-time) viewer Bio-editor scrape group board collaborators
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    I think we need this thread for PinBotAI where everyone can share there ideas/suggestion for the improvement and betterment of PinBotAI If it gets a sticky will be awesome! @ilya
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    Pinterest changed some request urls
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    ilya, what you are doing with the updates is not funny at all, not only that you don't check if the new version actually works and then just disappear for weeks and ignore this forum (support and everything), but your program is actually set in a way that even when I tried to load my older backup version of your PinBotAI software, it immediately went on and upgraded automatically to the latest NON-WORKING version. Please please please please when you already have this horrible support that you provide us with, I at least ask you to remove the automatic update from the startup so that next time, when you provide an update that will disable the software from working, at least I will be able to run my backed up older version. It's a simple change and won't take you a lot of time, please do it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!
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    iLya, can you please tell us when will you implement the automatic unfollow function to the autopilot? It's been over a month since I told you about crucial problems with your software and nothing was solved. In the current state, the autopilot in your PinbotAI software can be used only for auto-PINNING. The FOLLOW feature cannot be used because it doesn't have an automatic and reliable way to UNFOLLOW. I don't know how to emphasize even more how important the automatic UNFOLLOW feature is - it's one of the first things that should have been implemented in the software. If you use the automatic FOLLOW function and then try to manually UNFOLLOW (as this is all that your software offers by now), you are in a BIG risk of getting your accounts banned. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase implement the crucial automatic UNFOLLOW feature ASAP.
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    can we have delete posts feature? and maybe inbox viewer. Thanks. :-)
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    Thanks for reporting back @robertign0 !!
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    Downloaded the update, tested and it works fine now. Thanks
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    Thank you for reporting this bug guys. I have fixed it in the latest version, give it a try
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    @Hehe thank you kindly for your very detailed review and suggestions. In the coming two weeks I will definitely be looking into this
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    InstaQ Updater has Pinterest icon.
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    I've just started using InstaQ and this is what I noticed, mind you these remarques are personal. Some might think otherwise : - Comment feature : InstaQ gives comments to my own posts, which is kind of awkward. I think this might be something that should be fixed rather fast ;-) - Comment feature : I would really like a feature in the Comments and Likes section, to prevent InstaQ from Liking and Commenting on the accounts I follow. I know for some this might rather be an interesting feature that InstaQ does like and comment your followers. But I value personal interaction with the accounts I follow and I do not want InstaQ placing rather impersonal comments on the posts of these accounts. Maybe there could be a query to exclude interaction with some accounts. Anyway, congratulations with the trial version and with adaptions your planning to make. InstaQ will make a fine tool. Best regards, Annick
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    Thanks for the clarification. Been using the trial. Like many of the features and look forward to the production release.
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    Hello. When I'm trying to scrape some hashtags I'm always getting error.
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    This would be ideal, especially when running multiple accounts on the same IP. Having multiple accounts logged in and doing activities simultaneously on the same IP I'm sure is a huge red flag. Would it also be possible to have the option to log out when a schedule is done, then log back in when a schedule is starting? I think that would look pretty natural. Pinterest knows there are people with personal accounts, blog accounts, husbands and kid using the same computer, etc. So logging in and out on the same IP is probably pretty common.
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    Just getting started and getting the hang of the application. If you're looking for features--one which I'd appreciate is a "like back" where I could find a way to like back a certain number of photos for someone who likes my postings (and I could like back both current followers and non-followers) Thanks !
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    Resolved the login issue. Have redone it all and its working now. (redone=unzipped and set the accounts again) Thanks
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    Hey When you hover the "?" icon you'll see this:
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    Hi guys! I'd like to let you know that the pinbot3 VIP blog has been fully migrated to our forum. Most tutorials which were accessible to VIP members are now made public. The new VIP subforum will be used for exclusive material and tools which will only be accessible by PinBot Premium users. A PinBot Premium user is he/she who has bought PinBot premium (any version). That same person can ask me to upgrade their account to VIP status. To request a VIP upgrade, kindly send me a private message or email me at pinbot@healzer.com Kindly include your forum's username and PinBot License ID. I will upgrade your account in 24 hours.
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    Requesting feature, like 2-3 post after follows.
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    I would advise you to try this out using the manual mode first. All you have to do is enable the "Pin" feature. Then go to the main viewer, and under "manual actions", perform a scrape for the "pin" feature. This will scrape images from Pinterest and add them onto the queue. If you wish to add source URL(s) to your pins, you'll have to do that in the "Promo" viewer, which you can open from the configuration screen. The next time you scrape, it will add them (depending on the %occurrence).
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    Hey That is suspicious as f*ck, indeed. I don't do that, only for promotion pins (once in a while). I tend to keep all my accounts (only 3 right now) as natural as possible. All I do is make sure they behave like real users/people. If you want your pins to go viral: Make sure the pins are great -- nobody likes spam/bullsh*t. Make sure you have many followers (at least 10k) Make sure you are giving something of value to the world (and your followers). My preferred way of going viral is to let my followers (and board contributors) to do all the hard work -- if you're serious, you should consider building relationships with your followers.
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    Thanks InstaQ does its best to detect duplicate images, to prevent posting the same images/posts. It uses the post ID (uniquely defined by Instagram) and the image URL to detect duplicates. However, the system does not download the images while scraping to compute a MD5 hash for instance, to prevent duplicates. This might be a potential extra feature, but induces quite a lot of overhead/traffic. Hey, thank you for trying it out It is possible to re-post from a specific user, you can use the @username query for this (in the configuration screen). But it's not possible to follow them as well. But we will add a feature that tags the original user in the description of your re-post, that way they can follow you back -- it is claimed by many users that such a technique is even better for gaining followers. Yes, such a feature will be added soon. ^ ^ (if you mean a user's followers?) ^ Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
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    Hi Ilya, great job with pinbot! I wanted to suggest a few features that will make it more user friendly (and prevent accounts from getting banned) : 1) apparently right now in pinbot ai - there is just one set of querries for pins and repins - it would be useful for each to have their on set of keywords / querries 2) i know you're trying to keep things simple but the user interface is a mess, hard to work with, hard to find what you need and hard to understand what is what - a tabbed interface should be more helpful and yet keep a simple (even minimal design) 3) how can i pin images from my own computer (upload them). if this is not possible yet, it should really be implemented as it's extremely useful (especially for people who know what they're doing) 4) it would be great if you could add some variables like file_name or folder_name (or even meta tags from images, from the files themselves, like title, comments, rating etc) - they can be used in the description on the pin - for those who don't understand why this is needed, you can increase your followers by following, liking and commenting, but that can get your pinterest account banned - however, if you just pin and repin, your images (and links - your website or affiliate links) will get a lot of traffic and your account will be 100% safe - and this will work even if you don't have 10k followers - i'm getting 10k views per day to a website and have just 200 followers - but i do a lot of pinning and repining - and never ever had an account suspended or blocked.
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    Currently that's not possible, but in the near future I might consider adding such a feature
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    I will look into this thanks. They are logged-out, correct. However, login only happens when scraping/processing starts. So until then, they remain "logged out". Updating/saving the description column works, you have to press "enter" once you're done editing it. As long as you didn't save changes, the border appears red/orange -- otherwise it is green (once you press enter)
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    The same keywords for multiple accounts is OK. But it would be great if PBAI let different keywords share to multiple accounts.
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    Thanks, will do that. Btw, a context menu is already available - just rightclick on an account's row?
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    I have 10 more ideas, but I only look at this from my own tower and the rest of the functions I have in mind will be useful only to people who have at least one big account. The % of the people who have big accounts is very low compared to the % of people who are just starting. Being a marketer tells me this is not a good time investment, because your goal is to reach the mass, not the small % of people. The 2 suggestions in my previous post are good for newbies and pros and there is no software that offers this. And here's my offer: If you do this, I promise to make a step by step ebook on how to grow account using your software, every tiny secret I know (been in IG for 5 years and marketer from 10 years, I've tested everything but the porn niche... I mean everything: adsense, seo, cpa, affiliate, dropship, kdp amazon (yes, I have my own ebooks despite the bad english I know the ways ), I even found a way to cheat google algo. and rank my articles on top fore few days before they ban me from wonderland... churn and burn method, but I've invented it and still works, cuz never shared it... The e-book will be amazing, you just gonna spend time OR some money for redaction, you see my english suck. The e-book can go like a bonus with your bot. I will never offer something like this if I don't see potential. regards
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    yup all working fine.. i was using 3 accounts but in account u unchecked upload and saved it.. even than it uploaded images .... will check the office release now
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    Yes, right now there exists the possibility to import accounts from PinBot 3.0 but the feature to import accounts from any other format (such as a CSV) is yet to be added soon.
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    everything seems to work now. Thank you
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    Update Stats viewer allows you now to aggregate data from a data range (from & to calendar selector added).
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    The issue was that on my InstantProxies account I had not authorised the IP of my VPS, only my physical PC... This meant that obviously, my proxies didn't work on my VPS. Such a silly mistake
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    Update You can now import your accounts from PinBot 3.0 to PinBotAI in just a few clicks. Since PinBotAI requires you to "describe" the contents of each board in your account, the importer tool will solely import queries from the Pin and Repin configurations since they have a board to query mapping. Some settings will not be imported (such as desc URLs and source URLs) since these are configured entirely different in PinBotAI. To start importing, in the menu go to Misc. > Import accounts(s) In the Account Importer view click on "Import from PinBot 3.0" Navigate the file selector to your Pinbot 3.0 directory, more specifically the "db3" directory as shown: Inside the db3 directory you will find your accounts - each file's name is the email address of your account(s). Select each account/file you wish to import. If there are any errors, you will be able to see them in the logger. As easy as that If anyone gets any error messages please let me know ASAP. Have a great day!
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    follow users, like from geotag can be +1 for the bot @ilya
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    Update Two major changes have been made: The Invite feature has been added. It works in a similar fashion as it did with PinBot 3. However, Pinterest now allows us to invite any existing user to become a board contributor. Enabling the invite feature, you will have to provide keyword(s) and/or custom queries that allow you to scrape for users. You don't necessarily have to enable the invite feature in the configuration screen ; if you wish to manually invite people to some of your boards, you can use the Manual Actions menu to do so, this way you can manually review which users to invite. Each action (pin, repin, ...) now comes with a daily limit counter. This is solely used by the autopilot feature. So when it starts scraping for activities and putting them into queue, it will first check whether the daily limit for that activity has been reached. For instance on the screenshot above, the daily limit for Pins is 50; and if I have already pinned 45 pins today (in total), then the autopilot will only pin another 5. When autopilot has nothing to work with (in case all daily limits have been reached) then it will just stay idle and wait for the next green slice of the next day before retrying.
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    Thanks, in the past the time was visible. However I found it of very little value to see the time. The logging screen's purpose is primarily to detect errors/problems, but also to log important messages (for instance when a query is invalid/incorrect). When you double click a log message, you can see the time + date though; If you can convince me otherwise, I might reconsider Update The third timeslice (evening Pinterest time) has been reduced in duration: 40-50 minutes instead of 70-120 minutes (as seen on the image). The reason for this is to reduce the number of activities, taking also into consideration their respective timeout settings. The number of daily activities would be too high and quite abnormal for regular Pinterest users (Pinterest would consider this an anomaly). A small update on the stats viewer to change the date.
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    I discovered it wouldn't run until I had ran the Updater first by itself to authorize it was OK to run it. This is on a Mac.