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    Hey, if you still do not fix the bug that prevents us from logging in or just..... respond. I'm gonna request a refund. Worst support and one of the worst piece of software ever. The only appeal is the lifetime fee. I have read about your stuff years ago and I always thought that you are a respected entrepreneur. But you are just another business owner that doesn't give a f about your clients. Just keep the software for yourself if you can't provide decent support. After so many years you still can't afford a VA? Unbelievable, you completely lost my respect.
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    A little help here will be appreciated. The same error Warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not refresh and make any Edit to accounts that you already have and worked with. Boards will be cleared..
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    When I ran Pinbot 3, it was very self explanatory and I felt like the autopilot actually worked really well. I can't say the same thing for Ai at all. On Pinbot 3, I wanted to select which pins I wanted to scrape per board and it did what I asked it to. I could then switch over to the Follow function, input keywords or followers of people that I wanted to follow, as well as put any filters and I could get it to work and on autopilot with everything else. I could also set up times for that function to work and when to set the other functions. With Pinbot Ai, it seems like everything is compacted together into a non-understandable program that doesn't work properly, or isn't as efficient as Pinbot 3. Very disappointed that I can't go back as Pinbot 3 feels like it accomplished more and was better organized.
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    How do I solve this problem?
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    Update HTML / RSS scraping fix
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    Pinterest changed some request urls
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    ilya, what you are doing with the updates is not funny at all, not only that you don't check if the new version actually works and then just disappear for weeks and ignore this forum (support and everything), but your program is actually set in a way that even when I tried to load my older backup version of your PinBotAI software, it immediately went on and upgraded automatically to the latest NON-WORKING version. Please please please please when you already have this horrible support that you provide us with, I at least ask you to remove the automatic update from the startup so that next time, when you provide an update that will disable the software from working, at least I will be able to run my backed up older version. It's a simple change and won't take you a lot of time, please do it as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!
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    Second this. I can't believe this software has been around for 5 years and this feature is still not properly implemented...
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    iLya, can you please tell us when will you implement the automatic unfollow function to the autopilot? It's been over a month since I told you about crucial problems with your software and nothing was solved. In the current state, the autopilot in your PinbotAI software can be used only for auto-PINNING. The FOLLOW feature cannot be used because it doesn't have an automatic and reliable way to UNFOLLOW. I don't know how to emphasize even more how important the automatic UNFOLLOW feature is - it's one of the first things that should have been implemented in the software. If you use the automatic FOLLOW function and then try to manually UNFOLLOW (as this is all that your software offers by now), you are in a BIG risk of getting your accounts banned. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase implement the crucial automatic UNFOLLOW feature ASAP.