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    This is a multi season and multi episode series of REM (Reverse Engineering Money). In these series we shall dig deep into money making tactics, strategies and loopholes used by IMers all over the internet. The goal of the series is to learn new ways to build and manage digital businesses. You will learn how other people structure their online empires and how you can do it as well. Instead of lurking around and waiting for a magic money making guide, we shall take measures into our own hands. Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites. --------- Season 1 Episode 01: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e01-know-your-social-media-platform.946680/ Episode 02: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e02-timing-is-key.946918/ Episode 03: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e03-honor-your-work.947368/ Episode 04: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e04-money-from-online-games.947596/ Episode 05: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e05-do-you-even-tumblr.948735/ Episode 06: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/rem-reverse-engineering-money-s01e06-earn-20-day-with-little-work.952618/ Episode 07: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reverse-engineering-money-s01e07-how-to-use-reddit-for-traffic-sales-and-seo.953021/ Episode 08: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reverse-engineering-money-s01e08-china-fun.959134/ Episode 09: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reverse-engineering-money-s01e09-making-5-to-50-per-day-from-simple-phone-games.966159/
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    This thread is enumerates all InstaQ features. In the comments below you may post your suggestions and feature requests. Available features: Multi-account support Proxy support Scrape Instagram posts by hashtag (keyword). Scrape Instagram posts of a user by username. Scrape Instagram users by hashtag (keyword). Like posts Re-post Follow users Import images from your computer Keyword generator tool (version 1 :: scrape Google suggestions) Automatically add URL(s) to the description of your (re-)posts. Automatically remove all URL(s) from scraped posts. Process queue manually in safe-mode (respecting daily limit). Process queue manually forcefully (not respecting daily limit). Autopilot mode (respecting daily limit). Scrape user's followers Scrape user's following Different timeouts per action type. Commenting feature Messaging feature Unfollow non-followers Keyword generator tool (version 2 :: scrape hashtags from external source). Select and start multiple accounts at once. Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator). Scrape images from Tumblr (by keyword) Scrape images from RSS scrape images from any HTML website Do not comment & like own posts Multiple queries ; each per feature (upload, like, follow, ...) Advanced autopilot (starting time range) Upcoming features: Queue viewer: indicate #total items, and #items per activity type. Scrape image from Instagram individual URL. Buttons on main for quicker access (toggle on/off) -> no context menu needed. Automatically configure queries for your account based on existing posts/likes. Import accounts from CSV file. Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image. Scrape images from Pinterest (by keyword, username or boardname) Pre-defined list of texts/hashtags to automatiaclly generate descriptions of posts (Spintax format allowed). Scrape users by criteria Scrape pins by criteria Scrape users based on location (location given as query) Scrape uploads based on location (location given as query) Unfollow users (by criteria) Emoji's in comments support Unfollow on autopilot (any) Scrape users who've liked posts ( :: posts were scraped by either hashtag or username) Automatically mention the original poster's username when you re-post. Notify if email and/or phone verification is required. Multi-source, multi-query manual scrape. Easier statistics in account selector screen. Queue image size zoom in/out. Upload videos Repost videos Automatically adjust video reposts to make them unique (similar to MD5 hash of images) Menu actions: changing any comboboxes, try to preserve already selected value. Scrape usernames and/or scrape pins from @username/followers Account stats (real-time) viewer Notify if follow limit reached (~ #163 AR Error) Bio-editor Shuffle/randomize queue
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    Hey, if you still do not fix the bug that prevents us from logging in or just..... respond. I'm gonna request a refund. Worst support and one of the worst piece of software ever. The only appeal is the lifetime fee. I have read about your stuff years ago and I always thought that you are a respected entrepreneur. But you are just another business owner that doesn't give a f about your clients. Just keep the software for yourself if you can't provide decent support. After so many years you still can't afford a VA? Unbelievable, you completely lost my respect.
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    Randomize Pinbot's Functions Hello, I'm currently observing Pinbot's Autopilot mode. I have both like and follow checked, and its not passed daily limit. Right now it is only liking posts. I would think that randomizing the functions would make the program seem more human like. (Humans will both like, follow, and post in randomized increments) I would love to see Pinbot preform it's functions in a random fashion. If this is avaiable already, please let me know Thanks Healzer!
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    Hello Tadej, Right now there is only one timeout interval, which is the same for all types. But we are going to change this soon One account per IP/proxy is the most safest. 200 pins per day?? That's quite a lot! Try doing 200 pins and 200 repins manually, I'm sure you'll get tired very very fast. This is not human behavior at all, so it is no wonder your account(s) got banned. 20-50 pins & repins max is much more realistic for a "normal human being"
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    Such a feature is on our to-do list and will be implemented soon
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    "William702" who's a new member of BlackHatWorld forum just shared a very nice method which he's using to earn $20-$100 per day using Pinterest and group boards. Source: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-no-cost-easy-way-to-earn-startup-cash-20-100-a-day-pinterest-method.939656/ Take this method with a grain of salt, apply your own twist and scale it up! I hope you find this information valuable for your own venture.
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    Thanks for your great reply.
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    Hello, By the way, Please add a new button that can bulk config settings for all accounts. Thank you.
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    Thanks @ilya Suggestion: I think, a feature should be added that, when user repins someone's pin, he should be able to follow that pinner as well. It can bring good impact on user's profile. Because, this way, user can increase his followers by using Follow-for-Follow method.
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    Update In the queue viewer, you can now change the destination board for pins & repins: The pie chart (24hr clock) has been improved: added hour labels, updated colors: In "more actions" -> "Misc." the TimeZone dropdown menu has been improved as recommended by @wwhry The much requested promo module has been added. This module allows you to specify URLs (of your own websites) which will be added randomly to the pins and/or repins of mapped boards. Another feature, as you can see on the screenshot below, allows you to remove/strip all URLs from the description upon scraping (automatically) now you no longer have to manually remove unwanted URLs: Use the occurence% spinner to set how often the URL should be added (either to the description and/or source URL). 100% means always the minimum value is 1% Have a great day all!!
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    This thread is enumerates all PinBotAI features. In the comments below you may post your suggestions and feature requests. Available features: Multi-account support Proxy support Scrape pins by keyword. Scrape pins from user's feed: /username/pins/ Scrape pins from a board's feed: /username/boardname/pins/ Scrape users by keyword. Scrape users's followers: /username/followers/ Scrape user's following: /username/following/ Scrape a board's followers: /username/boardname/followers/ Scrape an individual pin /pin/pin-id/ Pin images Repin pins Like pins Follow users Follow boards Invite users to become contributes for your board(s) Message users Comment on pins Import images from your computer Keyword generator tool (scrape Google suggestions) Automatically add URL(s) to the description of your pins/repins. Automatically add URL(s) to the source of your pins/repins. Automatically remove all URL(s) from scraped posts. Process queue manually in safe-mode (respecting daily limit). Process queue manually forcefully (not respecting daily limit). Autopilot mode (respecting daily limit). Select and start multiple accounts at once. Import account(s) from PinBot v3.0 Import account(s) from CSV file Scrape images from Tumblr (by keyword) Scrape images from RSS scrape images from any HTML website Unfollow non-followers (manual method) Different timeouts per action type. Auto add source URLs to imported images and externally scraped ones. Advanced autopilot (start times) Queue image size zoom in/out. Manu actions: changing any comboboxes, try to preserve already selected value. Queue viewer: indicate #total items. Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator). Secret boards. Individual queries for every feature Upcoming features: Automatically configure queries for your account based on existing pins and boards. Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image. Scrape users by criteria Scrape pins by criteria Unfollow users (by criteria) Notify if email and/or phone verification is required. Multi-source, multi-query manual scrape. Remove "like" feature when Pinterest disables it permanently. Board creator/editor. Shuffle queue. Duplicates per board for pin & repin (not per feature). Invite to specific boards only. How many pins/repins/users/... in queue Account stats (real-time) viewer Bio-editor scrape group board collaborators
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    I think we need this thread for PinBotAI where everyone can share there ideas/suggestion for the improvement and betterment of PinBotAI If it gets a sticky will be awesome! @ilya
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    iLya, can you please tell us when will you implement the automatic unfollow function to the autopilot? It's been over a month since I told you about crucial problems with your software and nothing was solved. In the current state, the autopilot in your PinbotAI software can be used only for auto-PINNING. The FOLLOW feature cannot be used because it doesn't have an automatic and reliable way to UNFOLLOW. I don't know how to emphasize even more how important the automatic UNFOLLOW feature is - it's one of the first things that should have been implemented in the software. If you use the automatic FOLLOW function and then try to manually UNFOLLOW (as this is all that your software offers by now), you are in a BIG risk of getting your accounts banned. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase implement the crucial automatic UNFOLLOW feature ASAP.
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    InstaQ An intelligent Instagram automation tool The time has finally come, just as we promised, a brand new and unique Instagram automation software. The tool was built in cooperation with some highly successful Instagram influencers and marketers. Let's get started You can download InstaQ here: https://healzer.com/InstaQ/reg/InstaQ.zip Extract the zip file, and follow the instructions in README.txt If you have problems/errors running InstaQ, then kindly consult with this thread: http://forum.healzer.com/topic/75-software-installation-instructions/ and this: http://forum.healzer.com/topic/76-java-installation-guide/ Once you have launched InstaQ successfully, in the menu you can click Misc. > Starter's guide for a short tutorial. Screenshots: The currently available features (May 1, 2017): Multi-threaded Unlimited accounts Proxy support Scrape users by hashtag Scrape images from Instagram by hashtag and username Autopilot like + follow + upload Manual like + follow + upload InstaQ upcoming features: Follow & unfollow non-followers Scrape images from RSS / external websites Scrape images from other social media networks (e.g. Pinterest) Commenting feature Messaging feature Hashtag research & analysis add-on ... I would highly appreciate you to post your feedback, findings, tips & improvements on this thread, just below. Have a great day everyone, Ilya
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    Downloaded the update, tested and it works fine now. Thanks
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    Thank you for reporting this bug guys. I have fixed it in the latest version, give it a try
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    Can wait to see the board creator. I do not want to user one IP to create boards on 30 accounts
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    I've just started using InstaQ and this is what I noticed, mind you these remarques are personal. Some might think otherwise : - Comment feature : InstaQ gives comments to my own posts, which is kind of awkward. I think this might be something that should be fixed rather fast ;-) - Comment feature : I would really like a feature in the Comments and Likes section, to prevent InstaQ from Liking and Commenting on the accounts I follow. I know for some this might rather be an interesting feature that InstaQ does like and comment your followers. But I value personal interaction with the accounts I follow and I do not want InstaQ placing rather impersonal comments on the posts of these accounts. Maybe there could be a query to exclude interaction with some accounts. Anyway, congratulations with the trial version and with adaptions your planning to make. InstaQ will make a fine tool. Best regards, Annick
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    Thanks for the clarification. Been using the trial. Like many of the features and look forward to the production release.
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    This would be ideal, especially when running multiple accounts on the same IP. Having multiple accounts logged in and doing activities simultaneously on the same IP I'm sure is a huge red flag. Would it also be possible to have the option to log out when a schedule is done, then log back in when a schedule is starting? I think that would look pretty natural. Pinterest knows there are people with personal accounts, blog accounts, husbands and kid using the same computer, etc. So logging in and out on the same IP is probably pretty common.
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    Hello, I have read your two Episodes. Could you give me the best method that get fast followers for new accounts in pinterest? I've done a test, I created a Pinterest account, then with it I followed my personal account, and with my personal account I didn't get a notification of the follow? Why is this? Had Pinterest changed something? This would explain why in recent times I haven't been getting followers on my accounts, when usually I'd be getting about 10 per day. If people are getting no notifications about me following, how are they supposed to follow me back? Is this something with new accounts only? If so, how long until they are old enough to follow and have the notification come up on the followed accounts?
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    Resolved the login issue. Have redone it all and its working now. (redone=unzipped and set the accounts again) Thanks
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    Hey When you hover the "?" icon you'll see this:
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    Requesting feature, like 2-3 post after follows.
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    Thank you! Now we can not set the random number of pin, repin .... everyday we do a same number of pin, repins.. It looks like unnaturally. I like the way PinBotAl fully automatic the process as before :), so now everyday I need to set the number of pin, repin...and make the Pinbotal run.
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    Just being totally honest with you here. I love what you have done, but a couple of requests that would make this awesome. If we could add posts to repost by instagram Url. I have several accounts / lists that I have scraped and could just import and edit the text Set specific times to repost / post content. Currently it just posts all the items back to back. Could probably change this is I set the Interval timer to something like 3600sec. It would then just post every hour. Is there an Unfollow feature, did I miss this? Eventually if you are following 100 or more a day you are going to hit the upper limit of 7500 and I know I don't want to have to go in and unfollow them all manually. Thanks for creating this and stepping up to the plate when we are all looking for alternatives to the other software that is no longer available.
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    I already purchased the InstaQ, and I collected some features from other bots follow_user_followers follow_user_following follow_users_from_file or list follow_users_by_location like_user_followers like_your_last_media_likers like_medias_by_location like_and_follow_media_likers
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    @ilya thank you update solved the problem
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    I did what you said and I'm having the same error. Any suggestion? UPDATE: Never mind it worked now. I just tried opening it a couple more times and it worked just fine.
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    @robertign0 has spoken the truth right there The most, very, most safe settings is 0 for all activities (in PinBotAI 1 is the minimum actually). But life is risky, and we have to take risks. A brand new account, I would personally never use with any tool (including PinBotAI). I will use it 1-3 days manually first before loading it into a tool. Does this mean you cannot use a new account in PinBotAI? Definitely not, you can! But then you have to be more safe. Don't use the "Pin" feature, well because new users on Pinterest don't start right off uploading images... you don't do that, that's not normal (considered an anomaly). Instead use only the Repin, like and follow features on your first 1-3 days. Don't use the invite nor message feature in the first 2-3 weeks. Use the pin feature only after 2-3 weeks as well. As for daily limits -- try to stay active on Pinterest yourself, and count how many likes/repins you can do before you get bored/distracted. Pinterest cannot ban you for being human, but they can easily detect strange/anomaly activity. I can always put a number on it and say "no more than 50 repins per day!" However, that sounds so absurd, because one person may have more success doing only 10 repins per day, while another one cannot get a single follower/like even if he/she did 100 repins. There are so many factors at play that you just have to test & tweak,but it's fun
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    @ilya Yesterday, after updating to I felt very uncomfortable, because I had to login every single account manually and then had to start-autopilot every single account manually. Had spent lot of time on 50+ accounts for this useless work. Why useless? Because, I know it can be automated with just single click. Create a button || menu_item named as: "Start Autopilot (All)" and when user clicks this component, bot automatically logs in and starts autopilot (enabled green) Another even better option: Create a button || contextMenu_item named as: "Start Autopilot (Selected)" and user will select multiple accounts from list (accounts list on main window of bot) and then user clicks on this component, this way, user can enable/start autopilot along with logging in automatically, without much hassle. He can do it on multiple selected accounts, in-case if he don't want to start autopilot (All), then he can select and start the multiple accounts of his choice. Seriously, it will make life much easier, because I have gone through this situation yesterday and I'm afraid of upgrading to right now, because I'll have to repeat it again on all the accounts....which I'm not comfortable with, I think everyone isn't comfortable with this. I hope, you'll consider it on very urgent basis, just like you have considered my suggestions in past and specially in (as mentioned in changelog) (Thanks for mentioning there! ) Looking forward for positive and energetic response Thanks!
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    100 Likes!!!! Ok then I'm waiting for it, and then I'll add up my next campaign's accounts
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    At this stage, yes, because eitherway you still have to configure each account. But I've put your request on my todo list I'm also working on a very nice feature that allows you to automatically add keywords to your boards, based on the content already in that board, might be useful for people with many accounts.
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    Update Added unfollow feature, operated from the "More actions..." menu: External scraping from HTML (regular website/page), RSS feed, Tumblr or direct image URLs: Commenting and Messaging features added: Keyword generator tool added, now you can find ±100 keywords from a single seed keyword: Have a great day all!
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    Something is not right I think. I put settings like this: https://gyazo.com/a4f9e9153a0400c98aea764430400fb5 and went to sleep, when I woke up I saw this: https://gyazo.com/21a20b3e6b6328051cab3621e8eecf7e and when I opened the bot I saw the settings has been changed to this: https://gyazo.com/e6d40bd96e40f4f2e2122e3608862e11 and yet the 1000 seconds are false, because the bot posted all the pictures in a matter of minutes. The same thing happened on one of my main accounts: https://gyazo.com/8f172b60648f833ef6151e49f84472f3 (29+ posts -264 followers) So I thought I need to preorder the software and I did, thinking the free version have some bugs. But thats not the case Can you help me here, please ? I wan't bot to post every 2 hours~ How can I do that ? Is it possible ? P.S. I have suggestion that many, many people who are really into this IG train will be happy to have. So first little background: I have network of accounts, total 5m followers in pet niche. I MUST post on every account, every day, no matter holiday or not, 365 days of the year. I have 7 accounts, posting at least 3 times a day. I also work as a chef and I use my breaks to post, not to rest. Also before work, after work, before go to bed. Don't get me wrong - it worth but my life will be easier. I bought this bot for one purpose - to post, I don't need like, follow/unfollow, I passed the growing part. I've been using followliker+imristo scraper to setup a month of auto-posting on my accounts - tremendous work.... not worth it. So here's what will be very, very useful and gonna make your bot #1 ( means huge sales - $$$$$$ ) because if you can save peoples time, they gonna buy it. So, here's what I suggest: At the moment bot scrape image by queries and it show you the results. I can change my caption. But here's something important every big fish needs to follow - give credit back so I need to pick images from my competitors. And not just from any competitor, I need to pick accounts that are lower than me ( because if i take pics from accounts in 1m+ range, many people already saw this same pic and my engagement won't reach explore page - not good ) so... I need pics not many people saw and here's how it needs to work if you are asking me: Bot scrape and show you the pics the same way as now - it's awesome! It also have the caption copied - even more awesome! Needs two more functions: 1 - So as the image shows this option will add the user in the caption with words like "From @user, By @user, Credit @user,.." 2 - Option to replace all the captions in one go ( and in the same time keep the Credit @user in the caption ) Image is attached below. Quite a long post Please take a look. My skype: vristo1 if you want to discuss further something with me.
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    yup all working fine.. i was using 3 accounts but in account u unchecked upload and saved it.. even than it uploaded images .... will check the office release now
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    Yes, right now there exists the possibility to import accounts from PinBot 3.0 but the feature to import accounts from any other format (such as a CSV) is yet to be added soon.
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    everything seems to work now. Thank you
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    The issue was that on my InstantProxies account I had not authorised the IP of my VPS, only my physical PC... This meant that obviously, my proxies didn't work on my VPS. Such a silly mistake
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    Hello Thank you for purchasing our Instagram guide (edition 2017). You are now eligible to pre-order InstaQ at a discounted price ; as stated on the original post above. The pre-order phase should start next week. Could you kindly let me know which problem the autopilot is causing? Are there any error messages? Have you followed the Starter's guide? If nothing works to make autopilot work, let me know so I can look into it more closely -- everything works just fine on my side. Have a nice day!
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    follow users, like from geotag can be +1 for the bot @ilya
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    Update Two major changes have been made: The Invite feature has been added. It works in a similar fashion as it did with PinBot 3. However, Pinterest now allows us to invite any existing user to become a board contributor. Enabling the invite feature, you will have to provide keyword(s) and/or custom queries that allow you to scrape for users. You don't necessarily have to enable the invite feature in the configuration screen ; if you wish to manually invite people to some of your boards, you can use the Manual Actions menu to do so, this way you can manually review which users to invite. Each action (pin, repin, ...) now comes with a daily limit counter. This is solely used by the autopilot feature. So when it starts scraping for activities and putting them into queue, it will first check whether the daily limit for that activity has been reached. For instance on the screenshot above, the daily limit for Pins is 50; and if I have already pinned 45 pins today (in total), then the autopilot will only pin another 5. When autopilot has nothing to work with (in case all daily limits have been reached) then it will just stay idle and wait for the next green slice of the next day before retrying.
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    I am testing pinbot on my VPS, I can't stay connected to VPS all the time and keep watching whats going on pinbot. Log is the only way, that I can see that if any error has occured, it had occured at what time and since when pinbot is idle doing nothing. How much time I have wasted. It also helps me identify that what changes I had made (as I know at what time I had made changes in my campaign) which have caused this error. So if time is mentioned with the error, I can identify many things accordingly. But, if takes much resources, then its fine if you aren't willing to add. Otherwise, timeline is always helpful!
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    @ilya I think, in log/message dialog, time-check must be added with each message. So that we can know that bot has generated what message at what time exactly? In first column of messages, rather than #message_number it would be better if its #message_time
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    Mate you forgot to answer this
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    Hey Yes, this is a feature that will be added soon to the beta release. It will be a separate sub-module of the configuration module. Hey of course. A timeout activity, is the time PinBot will wait between each every activity in the queue. I would recommend 5 - 20 seconds. The avg. execution time is not a "timeout"; but it is used to calculate how many activities should be scraped by PinBotAI (if you are using the AI button). it also depends on your connection speed; I would recommend letting it be 5 seconds, but in the near future this will be removed (no longer configurable) , I will make PinBot automatically detect and set this number. The number of scraped activities is calculated like this: Each activity 'A' has a certain duration = avg.exec time + random timeout activity. Each batch of activities has a duration = sum of the duration of all its activities + random timeout block. The total duration is indicated by the green slices. On the "MAIN" screen in PinBotAI, there is a 24-hour clock (the pizza / pie) with green slices. So PinBot's AI feature will start adding activities into the queue, until the total duration of green slice is (nearly) full. Right now PinBot does not show exactly how many pins are scraped, or will be scraped for a specific green time slice, that's something to do. Very soon I'll make a tutorial + video tutorial explaining every single part in full detail. I'm also thinking of adding additional information inside PinBot that easily shows how many activities will be scraped for each activity and so on. If anything is still unclear, just let me know. Hey At this stage it's not possible -- both databases are completely different by design and not interchangeable. However, in the final release (once beta is over); I'll add a feature that will allow you to export/import accounts (+config) from PinBot3 to PinbotAI. Have a great day everyone! Thank you for your feedback!!
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    I discovered it wouldn't run until I had ran the Updater first by itself to authorize it was OK to run it. This is on a Mac.