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    Hey everyone, This is so awesome for Healzer to set this up for us. We'll be able to healp each other completely master this tool in order to create multiple Pinterest Marketing Empires for everyone. If anyone needs any help, you know who I am. I am willing to help anyone willing to help themselves. Thanks for creating the forum Healzer!! Stephen Jackson
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    Hello, By the way, Please add a new button that can bulk config settings for all accounts. Thank you.
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    Thanks @ilya Suggestion: I think, a feature should be added that, when user repins someone's pin, he should be able to follow that pinner as well. It can bring good impact on user's profile. Because, this way, user can increase his followers by using Follow-for-Follow method.
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    Update In the queue viewer, you can now change the destination board for pins & repins: The pie chart (24hr clock) has been improved: added hour labels, updated colors: In "more actions" -> "Misc." the TimeZone dropdown menu has been improved as recommended by @wwhry The much requested promo module has been added. This module allows you to specify URLs (of your own websites) which will be added randomly to the pins and/or repins of mapped boards. Another feature, as you can see on the screenshot below, allows you to remove/strip all URLs from the description upon scraping (automatically) now you no longer have to manually remove unwanted URLs: Use the occurence% spinner to set how often the URL should be added (either to the description and/or source URL). 100% means always the minimum value is 1% Have a great day all!!
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    In our previous tutorial, we covered the subtleties that make the difference between a good content writing service website and a lesser one. While we mostly focused on the visual aspects, there are other Internet services that require a massively different approach in order to ensure full conversion potential. Before actually getting started, we’d like to familiarize you with a few concepts. First of all, an average e-commerce website doesn’t require an extensive amount of visuals; in fact, it usually needs to be straightforward and put a lot of emphasis on promoting the products accordingly in the detriment of anything else. Secondly, there’s been an exponential online store increase as of recently, thus a lot of competition between each one of them, regardless of the niche(!). In addition to this, people who prefer online acquisitions have become savvier over the course of years and cannot be easily deluded anymore. As a result, every store struggles to offer the best deal available to ensure as many clients as possible. Last but not least, every online store tries to implement as many payment methods as possible. Here are all the payment methods available on the website we’ve picked for review: Generally speaking, you do not need anything more than PayPal, since it’s the most frequently used payment method on the Internet. However, having so many payment methods make a great psychological impact on the customers, so it is something to consider for long-term use. This is the landing page of the e-commerce website we’ve chosen for review: As you can see, the format of the website is quite standard for this kind of business: we’ve got the category list on the left, a few product posters in the middle of the page, then some don’t-miss-out offers on the right and in the bottom of the page. It is definitely not overfilled with useless visuals that could stray customers away. In its current state, the landing page could sell a lot of people on it. Let’s have a quick look at the logo: This logo excels in two particular aspects: 1.The brand name – very catchy yet quite silly (“best bang for your buck” with an additional perverted innuendo maybe?) 2.The design – if you’ve ever gone on Amazon before, you’d know that this logo is a clear rip-off of theirs. However, as we’ve mentioned right from the beginning, some businesses need to focus their effort on other aspects in order to ensure they convert. In our case, this online store should focus on appropriately and correctly promoting their products. Let’s randomly click on a product image and see how it looks inside: Again, everything’s quite standard: we can notice product photos, the evident discounted price in the midst of the page, a drop-down list enclosing the shipping methods, the beautiful “Buy it now” button, further recommendations and many other things. However, things start to become a little bit off target in the product description: We’ve randomly picked three description excerpts. At first sight, aside from the unreadable small font which could be easily tweaked to our liking, everything would appear normal. However, the grammar used to describe the product is by no means accurate. Some of you would not be truly embarrassed by this particular detail, but most of the people who make online acquisitions balance bad grammar with scam attempts. This has actually become a widely-spread stereotype among Internet users - that we personally do not endorse -. If writing in English, or any other language for this matter, is not a personal asset of yours, you’d be better off if you outsourced it. Moreover, if you were to access the product page yourself, you’d see that, even though the price is relatively high ($139), there is no sales copy available. This is a huge downside for multiple reasons, including but not limited to the lack of style and product enticement. Let’s have a look at a sales copy designed by Apple and another one designed by this store. To us, the one which inspires more credibility is, of course, Apple’s, because the font choice, lexicon and grammar are superior by a massive margin. Also, while somehow understandable, watermarks don’t belong in this kind of promotion. There are a lot of freelancers who would be more than glad to design your sales copies resembling Apple’s for a fraction of the price, so this is outsourceable, too. We do recommend you learn to do these on your own since it’s not as complicated as learning English from scratch. Moving on, we’d like to cover a pretty specific characteristic of this store that not many want to – or can’t – implement: free global shipping. If you’re in the business, you might be already aware that these stores, especially the ones based in China, have special agreements with local post offices. Most of the time, for each 1000 orders that need to be sent out, the store can negotiate special bulk delivery prices for each order in part, starting from a couple of cents to a few dollars. Obviously enough, this cost can be easily implemented in the product price, giving the feeling that the shipping is free. The same discounts usually apply for expedited carriers, too, such as UPS or DHL. Let’s have a look at the checkout page: Do you still remember how we mentioned earlier that by having a lot of payment methods you could positively influence your potential customers? Although we were showed that we could pay using around 10 different payment processors, we are now given only two options: PayPal and Credit or Debit Card. Before lashing out, you must know that this is a common marketing practice among the newlier-launched online stores and it is definitely not an accurate scam indicator. That’s it, folks! If you currently have an online store or plan on launching one, consider the tips laid out in this tutorial!
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    Update Added an autopilot indicator in the accounts viewer screen. Green indicates Autopilot is enabled ; gray indicates disabled. You can enter an optional description for each account in the accounts viewer screen. This textbox allows you to, for instance, describe your account's purpose (e.g. campaign name). It servers no other purpose than a reminder for yourself Both features have been recommended & requested by @wwhry
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    At this stage, yes, because eitherway you still have to configure each account. But I've put your request on my todo list I'm also working on a very nice feature that allows you to automatically add keywords to your boards, based on the content already in that board, might be useful for people with many accounts.
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    So, I think, we still have to login to each account manually, after bulk importing them to bot? I think it can be done by a single click, if you consider this request lol
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    I have 10 more ideas, but I only look at this from my own tower and the rest of the functions I have in mind will be useful only to people who have at least one big account. The % of the people who have big accounts is very low compared to the % of people who are just starting. Being a marketer tells me this is not a good time investment, because your goal is to reach the mass, not the small % of people. The 2 suggestions in my previous post are good for newbies and pros and there is no software that offers this. And here's my offer: If you do this, I promise to make a step by step ebook on how to grow account using your software, every tiny secret I know (been in IG for 5 years and marketer from 10 years, I've tested everything but the porn niche... I mean everything: adsense, seo, cpa, affiliate, dropship, kdp amazon (yes, I have my own ebooks despite the bad english I know the ways ), I even found a way to cheat google algo. and rank my articles on top fore few days before they ban me from wonderland... churn and burn method, but I've invented it and still works, cuz never shared it... The e-book will be amazing, you just gonna spend time OR some money for redaction, you see my english suck. The e-book can go like a bonus with your bot. I will never offer something like this if I don't see potential. regards
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    everything seems to work now. Thank you
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    Update Bugfix saving changes to activities in the queue viewer. Individual pin feature added. Users who wish to repin one specific pin, can use the /pin/pin-id/ query notation. In manual mode, the you can re-scrape individual pins indefinitely (duplicates are possible at own risk of course). In autopilot mode, each individual pin has a high probability of being repinned every 24 hours but not sooner. Individual pins are a great method for scheduling specific pins of being repinned to some of your boards. In queue viewer a refresh button has been added to refresh the queue (in case a rare race condition occurs).
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    The issue was that on my InstantProxies account I had not authorised the IP of my VPS, only my physical PC... This meant that obviously, my proxies didn't work on my VPS. Such a silly mistake
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    I know. Please close this thread. New reset URL is :https://healzer.com/PinBotAI/reset/
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    And thanks for the small (I would say big lol) update in stats viewer. It was badly needed and I always forget to ask for it. It is always required to analyze previous days history. Even if you add some buttons "today" "yesterday" "3days" "last week" etc will be awesome. It will save lots of time and won't take much of your time to add up these buttons
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    I am testing pinbot on my VPS, I can't stay connected to VPS all the time and keep watching whats going on pinbot. Log is the only way, that I can see that if any error has occured, it had occured at what time and since when pinbot is idle doing nothing. How much time I have wasted. It also helps me identify that what changes I had made (as I know at what time I had made changes in my campaign) which have caused this error. So if time is mentioned with the error, I can identify many things accordingly. But, if takes much resources, then its fine if you aren't willing to add. Otherwise, timeline is always helpful!
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    Thanks, in the past the time was visible. However I found it of very little value to see the time. The logging screen's purpose is primarily to detect errors/problems, but also to log important messages (for instance when a query is invalid/incorrect). When you double click a log message, you can see the time + date though; If you can convince me otherwise, I might reconsider Update The third timeslice (evening Pinterest time) has been reduced in duration: 40-50 minutes instead of 70-120 minutes (as seen on the image). The reason for this is to reduce the number of activities, taking also into consideration their respective timeout settings. The number of daily activities would be too high and quite abnormal for regular Pinterest users (Pinterest would consider this an anomaly). A small update on the stats viewer to change the date.
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    Mate you forgot to answer this
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    Well, I'm using BuyProxies247.com and they are offering cheaper yet fastest proxies. I would say they have best proxy for instagram Thought, it might help members!
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    I discovered it wouldn't run until I had ran the Updater first by itself to authorize it was OK to run it. This is on a Mac.
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    I have 5 pinterest account (same settings) run follow concurrently with pinbot 3.0, but only one pinterest account running & the rest account not running (0 follow after few minutes even hours). The initial running account will also become no running after few minutes.
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    Hi, After updating to accounts cannot login to pinterest. Can you check this please.
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    So glad you guys decided to open a forum! :-) Love Pinbot!
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    Welcome, One day, I'll get to the UK.