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  2. Question about Following

    Update to the latest version
  3. PinBotAI changelog

    Update Individual queries fields for every action (Pin, Repin, Invite, Follow, Message, Comment).
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  5. Question about Following

    This might sound weird but how do I follow people? On Pinbot 3, I had a separate section where I could type in keywords that I wanted to follow. Now with Ai, I have to use the same keywords that I scrape images for? And I have to go to the board and scrape through there? I just don't get it. It makes no sense for me to follow the same keywords that I'm scraping images for because those people are authority profiles that tend to be my competition. For instance, if my niche is bikinis, there isn't going to be a user with name bikini so I just end up following bigger bikini profiles that are competing with me.
  6. PinBotAI configuration

    Thanks for the guide
  7. Getting #163 Error - What is this ?

    Guys, we would love support. Ever since the takeover, the new owners are planning & working on improving PinBot and new features will be publish soon. How ever, For fast support - please email directly to support team at
  8. Pinterest grown account

    Hi tomx, It's a great idea and I know few people who do it already. You'll find PinBot great tool to automate your progress and getting you a lot of followers - but as in every tool, take the time to understand how it work so you can get the maximum out of using it. Keep us posted with your progress! we'll love help here
  9. Getting #163 Error - What is this ?

    Keep it up boys, keep asking.....once I was used to asking questions like you......... But now I have STOPPED Because they'll never hear you
  10. Just wait for SOMEONE (don't know who that one will be) to take care of this, if YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH!
  11. Somebody has taken over the business but what is going on???? no one knows. Just now received PinbotAi update but what is updated................. NO ONE KNOWS!!!! I thought owners are changing, maybe there customer support will be changed and become more caring/quick/up-to-date as well. Let's see! @ilya
  12. When I ran Pinbot 3, it was very self explanatory and I felt like the autopilot actually worked really well. I can't say the same thing for Ai at all. On Pinbot 3, I wanted to select which pins I wanted to scrape per board and it did what I asked it to. I could then switch over to the Follow function, input keywords or followers of people that I wanted to follow, as well as put any filters and I could get it to work and on autopilot with everything else. I could also set up times for that function to work and when to set the other functions. With Pinbot Ai, it seems like everything is compacted together into a non-understandable program that doesn't work properly, or isn't as efficient as Pinbot 3. Very disappointed that I can't go back as Pinbot 3 feels like it accomplished more and was better organized.
  13. I cannot login to my account I got these errors: check the attachment image
  14. Pinterest grown account

    Hello, I plan to start making money on pinterest. I'm newbie and I need your advice. I want to build several boards and earn by inviting and selling pins maybe later affiliate programs. So can any of you give me some advice? I want to buy Pin Bot because to faster grown my boards, because now I grown my account manually. What do you think about my idea ?
  15. Hey I hope you are doing well today! As some of you may already have heard, I am leaving the IM scene in pursuit of different challenges. This may be the very last time I am sending you a newsletter regarding PinBot, InstaQ or YTR. I am proud to say that we have new owners who are taking over all three of my products. InstaQ and YTR have both been acquired by one company and PinBotAI by another. I have personally selected the companies to make sure they are very competent and real experts in their fields. Letting go of my healzer brand was a big and hard decision but I have good faith in the new owners as they will make the products better, faster and stronger in all areas. Below is a short description regarding each product: PinBotAI PinBot's domain and URLs have been changed. The new sales page is located here: notice that the owner is running a big discount campaign right now, so if you don't have a life-time license then the time is now. The forum has been split in two parts, everything related to InstaQ has been moved (see section InstaQ) - however everything else remains the same. Here is the forum URL: For support and questions you can reach them at if you require assistance by Skype then you can add (wiktorpl220 or affiliatedreams). Are you interested in joining PinBot's affiliate program? Then sign up here: and/or InstaQ InstaQ's domain and URLs have also been changed and there is a big discount campaign running as well: . The price for a monthly subscription has been increased but the one-time licenses can be bought at 50% of the original price. The InstaQ part from the old healzer forum has been transferred to a brand new forum: so if you have questions, comments or feedback then post it up there. If you had an account on our old system then it has not been transferred unfortunately, please sign up for a new account instead. For support and questions you can the new owners at and for Skype support please add (wiktorpl220). Are you interested in joining InstaQ's affiliate program? Then sign up here: and/or YTR - YouTube Calculator YTR is now located here: and also has a discount offer available right now. On InstaQ's forum you will also find a sub-forum regarding YTR. For support you can contact them at ---- Allow me to say a final good bye to all the amazing, great and wonderful people I have met. A big thanks to you and to all the people who were very patient during my struggles to keep the business up and running. If you wish to stay in touch with me then you can email me on my personal email. But if it is related to any of the products then you have to get in touch with the new owners instead. Feel free to introduce yourself to the new owners and say "hi :)". From this point onward you will be receiving newsletters from the new owners, make sure to white-list their email addresses so you can stay updated on every new thing.
  16. InstaQ features and requests

    This site is useless
  17. Getting #163 Error - What is this ?

    I'm getting this as well did you ever get an answer?
  18. Don't be worried. Somebody will take over whole business
  19. He is leaving forum and we are stuck in the middle!!!
  20. Suggestions for PinBotAI (aka PinBotAI 4.0)

    i see and email from healzer he will leave this forum
  21. Here comes another update of PinBotAi 4 And nothing is updated in change log thread.........Don't know what is changed now!
  22. I set up the configuration per the instructions and started autopilot yesturday (was suppose to start between 19:00 and 19:30 and nothing happpened. Today I changed it to start between 1300 and 13:30 so i can watch what happens and still nothing shows up in my queue and nothing has happened on my pinterest account.
  23. PinBotAI autopilot mode

    I configured my account per the instructions but nothing loads into my queue when autopilot is running.
  24. Startup fail

    So which directory do I have to run from?
  25. Startup fail

    Hi Tra Mai Thao, Make sure that: - your Java is up-to-date - you ARE NOT trying to run the application from main hdd directory (C:\ D:\ etc)
  26. Hello I have lost track of my License ID and my file does not show me my License ID in my pinbot 3 how can I get about finding my License ID as I can only find my old pinbot 2 License ID and that does not work.
  27. I have some very important news regarding my services (InstaQ, PinBot, YTR) and related support. As I have been given the opportunity to transition into a different business and industry; in the coming few weeks I will be finalizing my services towards these projects. Some of you have experienced a major drop in customer support from my part, for which I apologize. I believe it makes much more sense to find a successor to take over my operations and improve the business. * Some time ago I have listed the PinBot business for sale here: * I am also putting my 50% share for sale in the InstaQ project. The other 50% belongs to a co-developer, he's a nice and hard-working junior Java dev. * I am selling I am only going to sell my businesses to person who I believe has what it takes to make the business grow and improve the quality & customer satisfaction greatly. If you are that person, or you know someone who can, then get in touch with me.
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